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Benefits of Choosing One Venue for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Wedding ceremony and reception planning

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There are numerous benefits to hosting both your wedding ceremony and wedding reception in the same location. From saving you time and money, to lessening your workload and creating a consistent aesthetic, it’s no wonder 70 percent of couples choose the same venue for their ceremony and reception!

Most of our couples choose to both wed and party at Vue Columbus, and we are sharing some of the perks they experience by selecting one venue for their wedding day!

Cost Savings

There are several potential cost savings when you opt for one venue for your wedding festivities, the most common of which is repurposing decor throughout your events.

“We see a lot of couples using the decor they placed down the aisle for guest dining tables at the reception,” said Michaela Neu Barteldt, Vue wedding sales & marketing coordinator.

In addition, items like ceremony archways can find a new role for guest photo opps or on display behind the head table – and programs can double as menus!

Transportation costs for the bridal party and guests are also reduced when choosing one venue. Whether you would have rented a shuttle between nuptials and the reception, or guests would have navigated on their own, travel costs are reduced for everyone by sticking with one location.

Further savings can often be found in bundling both your ceremony and reception at the same venue, as some may offer a discount when you host both events onsite. Plus, locations that only offer ceremony space often charge a premium for facility usage.

Simpler for Guests

Your guests will be pleased to find out they only have one destination on your wedding day! Opting for the same venue for both ceremony and party saves drive time, and makes it easier for out-of-town guests to navigate.

Choosing one location also makes it more cost-effective for guests to use car services like Uber or Lyft with only one destination.

Not to mention, removing travel time means spending more time celebrating!

Easier Planning

You can relieve some of the stress of wedding planning when working with just one venue.

“Having everything in one place means dodging two venue’s expectations, planning timelines, and separate venue representatives. A one stop shop will be your friend while you juggle everything else wedding planning entails,” said Michaela.

Hosting in one location also lends itself to a cohesive design and aesthetic. When you book both ceremony and reception in the same venue, you can more easily execute your wedding vision.

Venues that offer both ceremony and reception space are also extremely proficient in “flipping” their space with ease. While you and your guests enjoy happy hour or post-ceremony photos, the team at Vue Columbus transforms your ceremony location to a reception-ready space in no time.

And the “wow” factor won’t be lost when re-using the same venue for your reception. Seeing the ceremony room completely rearranged just a short time after saying “I do” makes a big impact on your guests!

If you’re thinking of hosting your wedding ceremony and reception in one facility, contact our events team to take a tour.