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4 Ways to Create a Modern Wedding Vibe

Looking to create a modern vibe on your wedding day? Here are some ways we have seen a contemporary ambiance created by the couples who celebrate at Vue Columbus!

Break the Rules

There’s no law requiring a bride to wear white on her wedding day, nor a decree that you need to serve a three-tier buttercream cake for dessert if it’s not your style. Breaking the wedding “rules” can help to make your day your own and create memorable experiences for your guests!

“My number one piece of advice would be to follow what you and your partner want for this day,” says Vue Columbus Event Coordinator, Michaela Neu Barteldt.

At Vue Columbus, we’ve seen couples break from tradition with simple changes like ditching the bouquet toss to spend more time on the dance floor, or serving their favorite donuts instead of a cake for dessert.  These modern touches make the day more meaningful.

Delicious donut wall served at Vue wedding reception. Photo: Emily Mollineaux Photography

“If it doesn’t fit your personality, you don’t have to have all the traditional parts of a wedding.  There are so many fun resources for making your wedding of-the-moment and unique,” added Barteldt.

For a modern vibe, break the rules to tailor your wedding to you and your partner!

Don’t Overdo It

“Less is more” is a great mantra for achieving a modern wedding ambiance. And Vue Columbus’ clean, industrial design lends itself to whatever vision our couples want to achieve.

“We loved the fact that we didn’t really have to put any time, money or energy into adding decorations to the space,” said Vue bride Lindsay M.  

“Vue is beautiful and modern all on its own, so it doesn’t need any additional flare,” she said.

That sentiment was echoed by Vue Bride Kara A. who shared, “I love greenery and white and clean lines, so that was nice to not have to decorate anything!”

Gorgeous bride Kara in The Green Room. Photo: 222 Photography

Vue’s decor is lovely if kept minimal, but also lends itself to being a canvas for any wedding design. Hundreds of couples have embraced Vue’s modern, urban look to make their big day completely one-of-a-kind.

Make It Personal

Incorporating personal touches into your wedding day can help to modernize wedding traditions.

We’ve seen beloved pets featured as photobooth cutouts, a couple’s favorite late-night pizza delivered to the dance floor and fun stories integrated into centerpieces.

“The style of the space went along perfectly with our entire theme: travel and adventure. We loved the ability to use the giant projector screen for a backdrop for the evening (we created an “adventure of a lifetime” monogram to display),” said Vue Bride Lindsay M.  

Lindsay and her wife extended the theme to table names related to the couple’s travels.

Personal, modern touches during your ceremony and reception will make the experience special for everyone!

Centerpieces chronicled this couple's travels! Photo: Rachel Joy Barehl Photography

Centerpieces chronicled this couple’s travels! Photo: Rachel Joy Barehl Photography

Keep it Comfortable

Stuffy is definitely not a word used to describe a modern wedding.  For a contemporary feel, focus on making your guests comfortable!

We want Vue Columbus’ guests to feel comfortable as soon as they walk in, and we achieve that with rustic wood touches, natural lighting and plenty of greenery featured in each space. Paired with our industrial beams, metal finishes and concrete floors in the heart of the Brewery District, Vue’s venue is modern and warm.

“I kept calling our wedding “casual elegance” because I loved the modern lines and design of Vue and the comfortable, laid back feel. It is not a boxy, formal venue that requests black tie attire, so it just felt casual and super fun,” said Kara M., Vue Bride.

The flexibility of our space lends itself to creating a quiet lounge area for your guests to take a break from the reception, or a nook where they can fit in a game of cornhole or Giant Jenga.

When you’re considering venues for your modern wedding, make sure to schedule walk throughs and ask for photos of similarly-themed weddings for inspiration.  

Ready to book a modern wedding venue in downtown Columbus?  Contact us to get started!