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Tips for Planning a Low-Stress Wedding

low stress wedding planning

Does wedding planning have you stressed?  You’re not alone. According to a recent survey, 96 percent of newlywed couples found wedding planning stressful.

Top stressors identified in the survey include budgeting and reaching for perfection.  And 86 percent of those respondents had physical symptoms as a result, ranging from headaches to insomnia.  Yikes!

Our expert team of venue coordinators at Vue Columbus helps couples alleviate these stressors, and others, with the best vendor recommendations so they can enjoy the journey to the altar.  Here are their top tips for planning a low-stress wedding.

Begin with Your Budget

wedding budget planningIt’s no surprise that determining a budget and staying on course is a big source of stress for couples planning a wedding.  All of the details that go into planning can add up quickly, especially if you don’t have a clear plan.


  • No matter the size of your budget, you’ll need to make choices.
  • Vue’s event staff encourages couples to focus on what is important on the big day, and simplify the rest.  That could mean choosing to splurge on your photographer while opting for faux flowers for the ceremony site.
  • Work with your venue and event coordinators to get their help with prioritizing and finding options that suit your budget.

Ask for Estimates

  • In addition to getting pricing for rentals, food, beverages, etc. ask your venues and vendors to provide estimates based on your number of guests.
  • This estimate will help ensure you don’t miss details (like linens, or taxes) so you can get a real idea of how many guests you can invite.
  • Starting with a realistic budget will help you easily make decisions for your wedding.

Have a Plan

2017 wedding at Vue Columbus

Beautiful wedding table settings at Vue Columbus! Photo: Aimee Thomas Photography

Executing your wedding vision can be a daunting task, and failure to plan can result in wedding day hiccups.  You can’t prevent every glitch when it’s time to say “I do,” but having a plan will help you minimize the drama.

Be Realistic

  • Assess whether you can accomplish everything on your list within your timeframe.  For instance: if you want to be hands-on, but have a quick engagement planned, you may need to simplify or give yourself more time to breathe.
  • A knowledgeable event coordinator at your chosen venue will help you determine how to execute your vision with room diagrams, inspiration from previous events and vendor recommendations.
  • Along with a plan, should come a back-up plan. Rain could change your outdoor ceremony plans, or last-minute RSVPs might adjust your layout.  Be ready to be flexible, and think about potential adjustments as you build your plan.

Give Marching Orders

  • Lack of clear directions can cause stress on your wedding day, so putting your plans in writing will allow your vendor team and bridal party to handle the details while you relax and prepare for your walk down the aisle!
  • Prepare timelines for the bridal party and other family members involved in the big day. Email them ahead of time and print copies for them to have on the wedding day.
  • Provide written instructions for your vendors so they can deliver exactly what you expect.  This should include details on centerpieces or decorations for the venue, order of dances for the DJ, and key photos you want for the photographer

Choose Vendors You Trust

It might be tempting to ask your cousin to handle the reception jams, or enlist a friend to capture photos.  But, asking guests to double as vendors is almost always a recipe for stress.

We recommend you let your friends and family celebrate your big day, and hire vendors who can stay focused on their jobs.  Vetting vendor reviews, or asking for recommendations once you’ve found one trusted vendor is a great way to build a team you can count on.  And hiring a wedding planner is one of the best ways to alleviate the pressure of planning perfection!

If you do decide to hire people you know, choose those who won’t be pulling double duty as guests (and won’t be distracted by cake or the open bar).

Keep Your Eyes On the Prize

Unless you’re part of that four percent of couples who don’t experience wedding-planning stress, you’re bound to run into challenges leading up to the big day.  But focusing on celebrating this exciting chapter will help you survive!

Vue Columbus Wedding Celebration 2017

Hope and Daniel celebrate their marriage at Vue Columbus! Photo: Amy Peppercorn Photography.

Vue Columbus’ seasoned Event Coordinator Michaela Neu has great advice to help couples keep perspective, “Take a deep breath and remember you’re marrying your favorite person,” said Neu.

“As crafty as you may be, your engagement should be more than working on decorations every night for a year. Embrace this exciting time with your partner by allowing yourself time to detox from planning and simply enjoy their company. Then you can come back to the planning aspects with a renewed perspective instead of getting burnt out,” Neu said.

Still feeling the pressure? Contact our wedding team to discuss how Vue can help you enjoy your wedding planning experience!