We’re in the middle of a wedding boom. As we celebrate vaccine availability and the ability to gather, Couples who postponed plans on account of COVID and the newly engaged are racing to the altar. That means the demand for wedding venues, vendors and goods are higher than ever

“Every couple wants something different out of their wedding day, but one thing that’s a common thread is how excited people are to celebrate their love — and now, without little to no restrictions on gatherings. And we love being a part of that process,” said Michaela Neu Barteldt, Vue Columbus Wedding Sales and Marketing.

Prior to 2020, couples typically waited an average of 15 months between getting engaged and getting married. Vue Columbus was often booked 18 months out for desirable Saturday wedding days, and Neu Bartedlt shares that some couples are voluntarily choosing wedding dates 2 years out. For some, this choice has to do with scarcity, or the desire to rebound mentally/financially from COVID life. 

So whether you’re waiting for the perfect venue to open up on your ideal Saturday, waiting out the pandemic, or waiting to catch your breath – here are some ways you can enjoy the journey while you wait. 

Say I Do Before the To Do

Remember that epic scene in When Harry Met Sally when Harry sprints through New York City to find Sally and tell her, “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”? 

If you share this sentiment, consider making your marriage official before your big celebration. 

While Vue Columbus is still seeing most couples waiting for their big day to officially wed, minimonies (mini ceremonies with just a few attendees), elopements and even unofficial ceremonies are taking place across the world for couples who can’t wait to say, “I do.” 

Prioritizing your ceremony first and then taking time to coordinate the big party you’ve dreamed of takes off some of the pressure of the wedding boom – and helps embrace your inner Harry. 

Celebrate Along the Way

If your journey to wedded bliss is longer than you anticipated, find ways to celebrate along the way! 

  • Hosting an engagement party during a weeknight is an excellent way to book a coveted venue or even give guests a taste of your wedding venue before the big day. 
  • While most bridal showers are hosted within a few weeks of a wedding, throwing an earlier-than-usual shower is a fun way to celebrate with friends and family now and spread out the fun! 
  • If you opt to have your wedding ceremony quickly with a reception at a later date, “prequel celebrations” give you a chance to have a smaller gathering after the ceremony before the big bash. Most couples included only immediate family and members of the wedding party in a prequel, often hosting these intimate parties at home.

Don’t Want to Wait? Get Creative!

Don’t want to wait to celebrate? There are plenty of creative ways to make your wedding happen your way, in spite of the wedding boom. 

You can opt for a weeknight wedding or a Sunday brunch wedding to book your favorite venue on a less-sought-after date. You can also find inspiration from other couples who re-imagined their weddings, opting for a drive-in wedding or a tailgate celebration in the midst of COVID craziness. 

Whatever your vision, Vue’s wedding planning team is here to help make your big day unforgettable. Contact us to get started planning your wedding ceremony and reception

Published On: October 3, 2021Categories: Weddings & Receptions