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What to Ask When Renting a Wedding Venue

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When you’re scoping out venues for your wedding, it can be hard to make sure you ask all of the right questions.  

A great wedding venue will do their best to answer your basic questions through their website or venue marketing materials (e.g. room capacity, rentals, catering, etc.),  But, you should go into your tours or conversations prepared with questions to prevent surprises.

When looking at wedding venue options, here are some of the questions Vue’s event experts recommend you ask.

What Are the Liquor Rules?

This is a big one, and the price tag often comes as a surprise to couples.

At most hotels or wedding venues, alcohol for a wedding starts around $6,000 plus fees, gratuity and tax.  Knowing these costs ahead of time can help you prepare your budget.

Looking for a venue that offers BYOB liquor (like Vue Columbus) can save you thousands of dollars.  Not only can you buy your alcohol directly from a distributor, but you can choose exactly what you and your guests will like best!

If your venue does allow you to bring your own alcohol, ask about corkage fees, service fees, bartender fees and any other costs associated with bar service.

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Wedding Decorations at Vue Columbus

How are Decorations Handled?

If you already have a vision for your wedding, your venue needs to be a good fit.  Don’t be surprised if your venue has restrictions, it just means those options don’t work in that venue.  For instance, some wedding locations may have limits to how you can hang decorations, they might forbid glitter or confetti or they could have guidelines on candle usage.

Hanging lights? Setting up centerpieces? Make sure to ask whether your wedding venue handles these details.  They may arrange your decorations as part of their service, and others will require you to decorate on your own.  

If you are bringing your own booze and decorations, find out when you can drop off your supplies.  Getting that out of the way before the big day can be a big relief!

Is My Budget Realistic?

No wedding venue wants you to get in over your head, or end up with a wedding that is not what you expected.  Vue Columbus posts wedding venue rental pricing online to help couples get an idea of costs before they tour the facility.

Be upfront about your budget, and discuss numbers before you fall in love with a venue.

What Should I Expect On The Big Day?

Cover event-day details before you book so you can be prepared to plan appropriately!

  • When can your bridal party arrive?  
  • Is there a space onsite to get ready?  
  • What do your vendors need to know?
  • Are there vendor restrictions?
  • Who is your point person?
  • Could there be other events scheduled for that day?

Is This a Red Flag?

Ask you’re considering wedding venues, make sure to keep an eye out for potential red flags.  

  • Check out reviews online before your visit, and ask specific questions to address any concerns.  
  • Pay attention to the venue’s response time.  Are they returning your calls and emails promptly?  If you’re not hearing back within 24 hours, you might consider that a red flag.  With weeks of planning and countless messages ahead of you, an attentive venue coordinator is a must.
  • Make sure they’re asking questions, too. A good wedding coordinator will want to know the size, desired time, budget and where you could see your event at their facility.
  • Visit the bathrooms during your tour.  Bathroom maintenance is a great indicator of the facility’s attention to detail.

Prepare your questions before your wedding venue visits, and you’ll have an easier time finding a wedding venue that fits your needs and your budget!

To tour Vue Columbus’ downtown wedding venue, and get all of your questions answered, contact us today.