Friday is a perfect day to celebrate love (just ask The Cure).  While most weddings still take place on Saturdays, Friday nuptials are on the rise with 15 percent of weddings occurring on Fridays in 2017.

This growth is no surprise, as Friday can provide a more relaxed wedding weekend and stretch your budget.

If you are trying to pick a day to say your vows, here are some pros and cons to consider for a Fri-yay to remember!

Snag Sought-After Vendors

If you have your eye on a popular wedding venue, a coveted band or a hot photographer – you might find them booked out a year or more in advance for Saturday weddings.

Choosing to get married on Friday can give you the chance to work with the vendors of your dreams without waiting!  And, if you’re on a tight time frame, a Friday might be your best bet for getting down the aisle ASAP.

Schedule Considerations

A Friday wedding celebration is a great solution if you’re also planning an epic honeymoon getaway.  

Some couples found that the jump from party to honeymoon was made less stressful with a Friday celebration.  Having a head start on the weekend will provide more time to unwind, pack and have flexibility for your departure.

“It helped for our honeymoon. We knew we didn’t want to leave the next day so it gave us a day in between to get settled before leaving on Sunday,” said Vue bride Mary S.

Brutus celebrates a wedding at Vue Columbus!

And, in Buckeye Country, we need to point out that a fall wedding on a Football Saturday could create scheduling challenges.

“For better or worse, we’re Buckeye fans so finding an available Saturday in the fall was extremely difficult,” said Emily O., a Vue bride.  

“We also loved the idea of having more time to spend with our guests, family and friends AFTER our wedding when we could really enjoy our time together without the stress of forgetting something or thinking about the wedding planning,” said Emily.

“We put together a tailgate brunch on Saturday after our wedding for all of our guests to attend and enjoy – our way of thanking them for coming. Then we still had time to enjoy the day before we left for our honeymoon on Sunday – the logistics of a Friday wedding gave us much more time to relax!”

We love Emily’s approach to incorporating the love of football into their weekend celebration!

Budget Bonus

With Saturday services in high demand, you’ll likely find that venues, caterers and other vendors offer price breaks for Friday weddings.

Vue Columbus’ 2019 peak wedding season Saturday rate is $2,800, and Fridays are $1,700 offering an $1,100 savings to couples who choose to wrap up the week with a wedding.

“The price of Vue on a Friday couldn’t be beat and the space was beautiful,” said Vue bride Adriane B.

Budget breaks provided by other vendors looking to keep their Fridays full could add up to save you thousands!

More Time to Celebrate

Vue Columbus Downtown Brewery Wedding Venue Stephanie Brann Photography

Wedding sendoff from Vue Columbus.

Ask any married couple, and they’ll tell you their wedding day went by in the blink of an eye.

Having more time to soak up this special time and celebrate with your partner and loved ones will be time well spent.  And a Friday wedding can give you an entire weekend to celebrate!

“Many people enjoyed having the wedding and then a full weekend following to visit with friends and family,” said Vue bride Shamsi T.

And Emily O.’s guests appreciated the schedule provided by a Friday nuptial.  “Everyone really enjoyed our Friday wedding because of the amount of time it gave them to enjoy the extra events on Saturday and then traveling home Sunday. Weddings go by in a blur, so the added time together afterwards allowed everyone that much more opportunity to enjoy each other’s company,” said Emily.

Potential Drawbacks

As an untraditional choice, a Friday wedding might lead to some complications. Here are some concerns to consider:

  • Extra Planning Required
    • If you choose to get married on a Friday, you’ll need to do some extra careful planning to accommodate your guests’ work schedules, plan for traffic and find a time for the rehearsal that works for everyone.
    • Vue Columbus helps guests navigate the challenges of a Friday event by keeping evening events after 6 p.m. to avoid traffic delays.
  • Lower Guest Count
    • You also might see fewer guests accept your wedding invitation when you’re marrying on a Friday wedding.  Out-of-town guests or guests without flexible work schedules might not be able to join you to celebrate.

We think Vue bride Mary S. has great advice when choosing a date for your wedding: “Be open minded, it’s your wedding and any day will be great!”

Getting that Friday feeling?  Check out our Friday availability and contact us to start planning!

Published On: September 9, 2018Categories: Weddings & Receptions