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Other Side of the Lens

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Vue is launching a series of features that will take a deeper dive into some of the trades most couples will engage with during the wedding planning process. Liz and I are eager about sharing these stories – it will be a fun process for us as we explore each from two angles; as venue operators… and as a recently engaged couple going through the same journey as everyone else. We look forward to featuring the experience, personalities, advice from some of Ohio’s best and brightness in the industry.

First up… photography! Vue worked with some amazingly talented photographers,  Brie LeVeque and Garrett Martin from Martin Digital to shoot some promotional images for our space. The experience was incredible! Garrett and Brie captured the beauty of our unique Brewery District venue and we had a blast with them while doing it. After the shoot, we sat down with Garrett, owner and lead photographer to ask for some advice and to reveal the personality behind his operation. (From our perspective, ‘personality fit’ is key! Choosing a photographer that you enjoy and that gets what you  are about is incredibly important!)

bothWhat sets Martin Digital apart?

We understand that our Bride and Groom’s wedding day is one of the most important stories they will ever tell; and any Bride who has been planning a wedding knows that everything doesn’t happen on your wedding day in a 6 hour window. This is what really sets us apart, because many other photographers will put a time limit on their packages. I don’t put a time limit on my photography. We are there to tell your story, so that means we are there from the time you start getting ready, until that last dance. Our storytelling and candid approach to wedding photography is what truly makes us unique. With that being said however, we do slow down and I take an editorial approach at shooting the individual formal shots. One of these days I’ll get that magazine cover shot!

What’s your favorite part about shooting a wedding?

The best part of shooting any wedding, is the simple fact that two families become one and everyone is happy! All the love and joy in the air turns me into a sad sappy sucker and I’m lucky enough to be reminded 20 or so times a year that love does exist.

What’s your least favorite?

The most difficult part of any wedding day is the timeline. You have so much to do in such a short amount of time. But it is that pressure that we thrive on. At the end of the wedding day I always wonder why I willingly let myself fall into the chaos of the wedding day hustle, but as soon as I start thumbing through the story of their wedding when we get back to the studio it becomes crystal clear why I was there for all that hustle.

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to share with couples as it relates to photography?

Of all the things you invest in for your wedding to make the day special, your photographs are the one investment that you actually keep beyond the wedding day (except the bride’s dress). It’s important that you trust your photographer to deliver those memories, that’s why you are hiring a professional.

Any funny stories from your adventures in wedding photography?

One time I found myself shooting photos of a couple in a field of grass that was literally 6 feet tall. Being vertically challenged I just couldn’t get the angle I was looking for. So I decided to play stack the photographers and had my assistant climb up onto my shoulders to get “the shot.” Needless to say balance was not one of the qualifiers on my photography resume. As I attempted to stand up with my assistant on my shoulders, I just kept falling straight backwards into the tall grass. The couple said all they saw was the photographers going down and our arms and cameras sticking straight up (we had to let our bodies absorb the shock of the fall not our gear of course).

What’s an emerging trend you think is cool?

Stylistically I see more photos with a “Vintage” feel. While I love the flexibility of digital, you just can’t beat that old school film look. With that being said though, “cool” happens in trends, and we try to deliver timeless photos. So while we embrace what is hot this year, we’re constantly looking to the past for ques on what isn’t the “next best fad,” but what has stood the test of time.

You all had the chance to slow down and spend a full day shooting at our new venue. What did you like about Vue?

Having to appreciate great architecture and design comes with the territory of being a photographer. Vue delivers both, and still leaves room for personalizing the decoration to make it unique to each event. You can’t beat the huge north facing windows that spill in tons of wonderful natural light (and show a wonderful Columbus skyline), the loft that steps you above the rest of the venue offering a chance to peek down on the party below, and there is space for days! Then when you’ve explored all the indoor options, you can step right out the front door and it’s like a whole new photographic playground. Being so centrally located – right in the Brewery District – there’s also tons of urban photo opportunities within walking distance.

– thanks Garrett! – 

To learn more about Martin Digital and to see some of their work, check out www.martindigitalphotography.com. We are thrilled they are offering a video booth and can’t wait to see the excitement it adds when used in our space! (definitely a must for our reception).