Opting for a Non-Saturday Wedding - Vue Columbus

Who said you have to get married on a Saturday? Breaking the so-called wedding “rules” can lead to a celebration that fits you just right. After all, the legendary Katharine Hepburn once said, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” We think she was on to something. 

Opting for a non-traditional wedding day, like a Friday or Sunday, can allow engaged couples to get married on their preferred timelines, nab hard-to-get vendors, maximize their budget and just shake things up! 

Read on to get some ideas for Friday and Sunday weddings at Vue Columbus!

It’s Friday, I’m In Love

There’s nothing quite like that TGIF feeling, so imagine bringing Friday energy to the biggest day of your life! 

Fridays can be ideal for couples who are struggling to find a wedding date that works for everyone.

If you have guests who work on the weekends (in retail, entertainment, professional sports, etc.) a Friday celebration can help ensure your most important people are able to attend and enjoy the event.

For big-time football fans, Fridays allow them to wed in the Fall without missing a touchdown. Vue bride Emily shared that they chose a Friday for their wedding date, and hosted a Saturday game-day tailgate for guests the next day. “For better or worse, we’re Buckeye fans so finding an available Saturday in the Fall was extremely difficult,” said Emily. 

If you’re among the eager couples who postponed a wedding due to COVID-19, a Friday wedding might be a viable alternative if you want an evening celebration without a big wait

Friday weddings provide the same evening party options as traditional Saturday evening weddings, typically with reduced vendor rates. Plus, Friday nuptials give you a head-start on the celebration! With the whole weekend still ahead you can take advantage of more time to celebrate with out-of-town guests or schedule an early honeymoon departure.

A Sunday Kind of Love

Getting married on a Sunday is definitely a vibe, and an excellent option for a couple wanting a more laid back, serene wedding experience.  

Daytime lighting at Vue creates gorgeous photo opportunities! Photo by Carrs & Co.

Daytime weddings are a popular choice on Sundays, as they provide ample time to celebrate without affecting the Monday plans of your guests. And a daytime wedding is anything but boring. You can still break it down on the dance floor during the day, or opt for activities like outdoor games, on-site artists or live music. 

A morning or midday Sunday wedding also creates an outstanding menu opportunity: BRUNCH! A brunch wedding menu can serve up something for everyone, with sweet and savory options. Vue couples have celebrated with donut displays, waffle assembly bars, upscale (and spiked) coffee stations, customizable mimosas, Bloody Mary carts and more. 

Added bonus: the daytime light at Vue will make for stunning pictures. 

“The natural light in our space is one of its greatest features, and something that’s very focal when you host a daytime wedding with us! And our gorgeous outdoor patios also tend to get more use at brunch weddings, since the dance floor is often not the sole entertainment of daytime weddings,” said Michaela Neu Barteldt, Vue Columbus Wedding Sales and Marketing. 

An earlier wedding time on a Sunday still leaves plenty of the day after the wedding has ended. Couples might choose to spend that time relaxing with their bridal party, opening gifts or simply soaking in the day! You can also choose to keep the party going after the wedding with a dinner or after party for your closest family and friends. 

While non-Saturday weddings might not be right for every couple, tradition shouldn’t stand in the way of celebrating the way that best suits you! 

Michaela Neu Barteldt tells Vue couples, “in general my mantra with days and times of weddings is, the people that want to be there will be there regardless of an “untraditional” timeframe. Your wedding should be all about the things you love. And if you love the idea of a daytime brunch wedding, your guests will be thrilled to celebrate in the way you envision!”

Whether you’re feeling Friday or selecting Sunday, Vue can help you plan the perfect wedding celebration!