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3 Wedding Reception Myths, Busted!

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When you’re planning a wedding, it seems everyone is full of advice! But not all of that advice is helpful, or even accurate. 

Vue Columbus’ event team is busting the top three wedding reception myths they encounter, to help your planning go more smoothly!

Wedding Myth #1: Guests Already Know What to Do

Sharing the night’s schedule helps your guests pace themselves! Emma Parker Photography

While it’s expected that your wedding guests will know the basics that are expected of them (keep quiet during the ceremony, don’t wear white unless invited to do so, etc.) they like to have some direction on what is to come at your reception.

“Start by telling them where to sit,” said Vue event coordinator Michaela Neu Barteldt.

“It takes at least three times as long for guests to sit down for a reception with open seating than it does if a couple displays a seating chart or escort cards with assigned seats,” she said. “Furthermore, alphabetized seating charts are much easier to navigate than those grouped table by table.”

With so much to fit into your wedding reception timeline, that extra time matters! Plus, giving guests direction on where to go takes some social pressure off of their shoulders.

Spelling out a timeline is also helpful to guests and vendors alike, especially if you’re breaking from tradition by skipping toasts or serving a late-night snack. Setting up a sign with the itinerary, or creating a program can help prepare your guests for the party ahead.

“If you have trouble making decisions or want to be more hands-off, we highly recommend bringing on a wedding coordinator to help with details big and small,” suggests Neu Barteldt.


Wedding Myth #2: Tradition Must Be Observed


A wedding in 2019 doesn’t have to be traditional, unless you want it that way! Grandma might be set on seeing you in a white gown while cutting an eight-layer cake – but a blue dress and donuts will be so much more fun if that’s your style.

“I’d like every couple to know that if they aren’t into the ‘normal’ happenings of weddings that they don’t have to include those pieces in their day,” said Neu Barteldt.

She recommends evaluating your priorities for the reception, and planning around what’s most important for you. For example: if you’re not big on dancing you can encourage a social atmosphere with appetizer stations instead of a plated dinner. Or, you can skip table visits and encourage guests to hit the dance floor with you right after dinner to catch up while you boogie the night away. 

Food options are another way to buck tradition. You can pass on chicken and pasta and opt for a taco bar or breakfast for dinner. Vue’s caterers offer a wide variety of meal options that can suit the tastes of every couple, whether traditional or not.

“We see many couples nixing the garter and bouquet toss, doing away with huge head tables, or choosing cookies over cake! There are so many ways to make the reception unique and memorable by personalizing it to your preferences,” added Neu Barteldt. 


Wedding Myth #3: You Need More Décor

Fresh greenery adds color and texture, without being overwhelming. Holly Ann Photography

With everything customizable from your flowers to your table linens, plates and silverware, lighting options, and centerpieces, it’s easy to feel like you need all the bells and whistles. But more decor isn’t always the right solution.

Choosing basic tablescapes without major floral elements can help your guests connect more easily (and prevent them from trying to move hefty centerpieces that block their views). Opting for a simple ceremony backdrop or greenery centerpieces make for a chic vibe, and help you save on budget!

Plus, choosing the right venue for your wedding vibe ensures that you won’t overdo it with decor once you’re into the nitty-gritty of planning. 

Couples who prefer the industrial chic look can achieve their vision at Vue with minimal additions. “You might be surprised what just simple centerpieces and well-chosen linen colors will do in Vue’s space,” said Neu Barteldt. Vue’s social media – from Instagram, to Facebook and Pinterest – all document what innovative couples have done in making their weddings unique.

It’s easy to get caught up in what you “should” do when planning your wedding. But what’s more important is to stay focused on planning a wedding that’s right for you.

We’d love to talk to you about your wedding, and debunk any myths you may have heard! Contact our team today to get started.