Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and emotional energy. It can be fun to check out all of the vendor options available to you, but the process can quickly become overwhelming if you’re not making strategic choices about what’s right for your big day. 

Vue Columbus’ wedding team recommends couples discuss their priorities, ask lots of questions and do some homework before touring a wedding venue. These three steps will guide your choices to save time and prevent getting bogged down with wedding-related decisions!

1 – Review Your Priorities

Focusing one or two or three big elements of your wedding day can simplify decision making. For example, if you and your betrothed know you need incredible music, a huge dance floor and video to relive the action – then your DJ, venue and photographer would be the three vendors to prioritize. 

Prioritizing also helps if you already have your heart set on a particular vendor, such as a photographer or videographer. Reach out first to check availability of your must-have vendors before you schedule tours for venues to make sure they line up. Or, if you’ve already dreamed of having your favorite restaurant to cater, find out which venues the restaurant has relationships with to immediately narrow down those options. 

Getting on the same page with priorities will also help you allocate your wedding budget and decide where to spend and where to save. 

2 – Ask Lots of Questions

You can save some time when vetting wedding venues by asking lots of questions up front!

“Wedding planning takes a lot of time and effort. We don’t want to waste someone’s time by touring them, and then finding out they don’t like the look, feel, or investment of an event with us.” said Michaela Neu Barteldt, Vue Columbus Wedding Sales and Marketing. 

When you first reach out to a venue, get answers to these key questions to decide whether to book a venue tour:

  • What dates are currently available?
  • How long will we have the venue, and when do we gain access before the event?
  • Is there an area for the bridal parties to get ready?
  • Do you have an approved vendor list? (Some venues only allow use of approved florists, DJs, etc.)
  • Who can cater at your venue? (Many venues have exclusive relationships with one or more caterers)
  • Is there a noise ordinance in the neighborhood?
  • Are there decoration restrictions? 
  • What is your alcohol policy?

“We absolutely love having people tour with us, and it is more worthwhile for everyone involved that we are touring people who have done their due diligence, and consider Vue a real possibility for their big day,” said Michaela.

“We go over information at length during tours, but when they’ve already familiarized themselves with Vue’s basics from our introductory email packet, it makes the tour less overwhelming since they’ve already started digesting that information from the first email communication! And, when they’re already familiar with the information, we can spend more time going over any questions they have about working with Vue,” she added. 

3 – Do Some Homework

If you’re like most couples, you’ve already scoped out reviews of venues and wedding vendors shortly after you get engaged (or even before) so this recommendation isn’t exactly novel. But, digging a little deeper is well worth your effort to make sure you’re visiting the venues that best fit your vision

  • Reach out to the venue’s catering partners to see their menus and decide if their catering prices fit your budget.
  • Dive into a venue’s social media pages to get a sense of what onsite celebrations look like and what past clients have to say.
  • Check out the neighborhood maps for nearby hotels, parking, bars, etc. 

Putting in some extra work before you tour a wedding venue can save you time and help you avoid vendor-related heartbreak leading up to your big day! 

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Featured image by Hannah Crab Photography

Published On: May 19, 2021Categories: Weddings & Receptions