Remote work is more common than ever, creating some challenges for teamwork. 

Virtual workers share that their top struggles include: “collaboration and communication,” “loneliness,” and “not being able to unplug.” With remote workdays doubling since before the pandemic and major employers extending fork from home policies, it’s likely that many will share these pains. 

Your employees need help connecting with each other, and they want to add some of the in-office fun they’re missing to the virtual work day. Here are some simple ways to incorporate team building into the remote work life. 

GIF of the Week Competition

GIFs are an essential coping mechanism in 2020, allowing us to express feelings that can’t always be captured in words. Incorporating GIFs into your team environment can be a great way to lighten the mood. And if your team members are unfamiliar with GIFs, you’ll be introducing them to an exciting world of self-expression!

  1. Pick a theme for the week – Ideas like “getting ready for the holidays” or “working from home” or whatever is topical for your team can elicit some hilarious responses! 
  2. Choose a medium to share GIFs – Slack and Microsoft Teams makes it super easy to share GIFs, or GIFs can be pasted into a Google Doc that everyone can access. 
  3. Get GIFy with it – Ask employees to share their favorite GIF from giphy or Google that fits the week’s theme. 
  4. Vote on a winner!

The satisfaction of sending a perfect GIF is likely prize enough for your weekly winner, but you can always sweeten the pot with a reward for your top scorers.

Team Trivia Time

Remote employees can get to know each other better through trivia games. We love QuizBreaker, a quiz service that asks employees questions about themselves and then quizzes other team members on “Who Said What.” You can test your knowledge on how well you know your work BFFs!

QuizBreaker is free to try, and a few dollars a month per user should you decide to keep the quizzes coming. 

Personal Care Packages

Sending care packages to your remote team is a sweet way to show you care. You can include company-branded swag, their favorite snacks or seasonal treats. Plus, everyone loves happy mail. 

The packages can come from management, or you can connect coworkers to send packages to each other. Pick a budget and encourage your employees to treat each other! 

You can pick, pack and ship your own packages, or use an online care package service

Show & Tell

Now months into the virtual meeting world, you’ve no doubt had your meetings crashed by tiny coworkers. So take a few minutes to put them center stage with some show and tell. 

Invite employees to feature their child for a few minutes during a team meeting, giving them the chance to show you their latest dance moves, favorite toy, etc. And don’t forget to include furry children – everyone loves a chance to ooh and aww over the the dogs and cats who keep us company behind the scenes. 

Random Questions

If coordinating additional activities isn’t feasible right now, then you can easily tack on a “Random Questions” session to your next team call. The team at Vue does this regularly, and it helps us connect over topics unrelated to work. 

Some of our favorite questions include: 

  • What are your parents’ best qualities?
  • What was something that always frightened you as a child?
  • Who was the last artist you searched for on your music streaming service of choice?

The remote work life can present its challenges, but there are plenty of ways, big and small, to keep your team connected. Except for virtual trust falls. We don’t recommend you try that.  

Need help coordinating your virtual team engagement? Contact us today to get started.

Published On: November 9, 2020Categories: Uncategorized