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Why Bad Meetings are Crushing Your Soul

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There are 25 million meetings happening today in the U.S. That statistic is astounding, and with the millions of hours spent daily in meetings rooms, it’s no wonder an estimated $37 billion a year is wasted on unproductive meetings.

Bad meetings are all around us, but there is a better way!

The Impact of Soul-Crushing Meetings

If you’ve ever left a meeting feeling like you left some of your life force behind, you’re not alone. Almost half of employees report that meetings are the biggest time waster at work; and that leaves an impact.

We feel like our time is wasted.

  • Whether you’re invited to a meeting that didn’t require your presence, or you attend a meeting that could have been an email – spending our most precious resource of time in unnecessary meetings is incredibly frustrating. 
    • A study from MIT Sloan found that employees “with a strong desire to accomplish work goals tend to report poorer job satisfaction as the number of meetings they attend increases.” 
      • Whereas those who love a calendar full of meetings tend to be less goal-oriented

We check out.

We develop meeting dread.

  • Not all meetings are bad, but after being burned time and again we might be hesitant to call a meeting that’s actually needed, or decline a meeting that we really should attend.

Tips for Combating Awful Meetings

Take a spin on our idea bike to get energized!

At Vue Columbus, we have designed our meeting environments to be engaging and energizing so your meetings will follow suit!

Get Up

A meeting doesn’t have to be around a big table. In fact, a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that sit-down meetings last 34 percent longer than those held standing up, with no reported gains in effectiveness!

You can use Vue’s standing desks, or ergonomic ball chairs, or hop on our bike to keep your meeting sessions most efficient. 

Shift Your Strategy

Consider adjusting your meeting procedures to increase efficiency and decrease tedium. Having a clear agenda, focusing on engaging your team and developing a plan following through on decisions is a great place to start.  

Our partner company ViveTeams has great tips for preventing a bad meeting and can provide expert facilitation to help you re-strategize. 

Have Fun

At Vue, we’re all about having fun at work. And we encourage our guests to prevent meeting burnout with a game of ping-pong, some desk chair yoga, or a happy hour break outside.

Your meetings should be effective and, dare we say, enjoyable! If you’re ready to break out from the boring, contact our event team to schedule your next meeting at Vue Columbus!