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Three surprising ways to add productivity to your next meeting

Have you ever been in a meeting that was so boring you almost fell asleep? Unfortunately, no matter how long someone spends preparing content for a meeting, if their  delivery style is not engaging, the message will be lost on your team. The vibe of a meeting often determines their productivity, effectiveness , and whether people retain the information shared.

Wayne Turmel, co-founder of The Remote Leadership Institute and author of Meet Like You Mean It – a Leader’s Guide to Painless and Productive Virtual Meetings, says that incorporating fun into meetings is crucial.

“Fun is allowing people to make jokes or digress for short (!) periods of time in the interest of helping people feel relaxed and comfortable with each other. Turmel said in a blog. “A good leader knows that setting an environment where team members can get to know each other, and create human connections that ease the flow of critical work information, is critical to long-term team success.”

Turmel said meetings can be both serious and fun at the same time.

“Meetings have two important functions: to communicate what needs to be communicated right now, and to create a long-term environment where people are willing and able to work together comfortably.”

Michaela Neu Barteldt, Vue wedding sales and marketing, says that teams that host corporate meetings at Vue Columbus are more productive when the atmosphere is more relaxed.

“No matter how much you love to work or learn, everyone needs some breaks for sanity throughout a heavy meeting day. Generally, people are more productive and hunkered down to work when they’ve also been given ample time to take snack and bathroom breaks, as well as time to switch gears and do something unrelated to work for a few minutes,” she said. “Keeping the mind from getting fatigued will keep your guests all-the-more engaged when you really need them to focus.”

So, how can you make meetings fun? Based on expert opinion, we have compiled the following list of  ways to add fun to your next meeting.

Change up the location

The space meetings are held in plays a significant role in meeting effectiveness. Experts at Forbes recommend scheduling offsite meetings as a way to energize employees.

“Holding meetings at unconventional locations can foster excitement about a quick trip out of the office. Our ability to focus is directly linked to the novelty of the experience. Changing your meeting routine will promote focus and engagement among your co-workers.

Vue’s corporate meetings spaces are a refreshing break from office conference rooms. By infusing relaxing natural light, ample greenery, and a mixture of texture and materials throughout our space, Vue provides a beautiful, inspiring scenery  to attend meetings.

Incorporate fun activities

Activities give your team’s minds a break from the meeting content. These activities engage different parts of the brain which in turn helps attendees absorb more information.

A blog on Bring Gratitude says playing games can increase employee satisfaction:

“As kids we learn by playing games. The most important component of the game is to help people bond. The more you can create fun experiences that they can share with each other, the more connected they will feel toward each other.”

An article in Forbes says, “engaging in friendly competition and playfulness helps those in attendance feel a sense of camaraderie and leads to a more productive, collaborative space.”

The Vue Columbus has numerous games and activities for teams.

“From ping ping and giant jenga, to rubix cubes and brain teasers, we have items onsite that will be a welcome break in your day just when you need it most,” Michaela said.

ViveTeams is a creative training company focused on building organizational health and elevating performance. They  craft highly effective and highly energetic team building events that help bring teams together and get results.

With a high level of energy and passion, The Vive  team sets the tone for the day making sure guests have fun, keep the momentum going, and find lighthearted ways to connect their  team. Vive is able to tailor team building sessions to match your team, culture, and expectations.

Don’t forget the breaks

Breaks allow attendees to rest and recharge their brains in preparation for the next presentation and help team members connect.

“We recommend starting the day with about 15 to 30 minutes for guests to get situated, grab their coffee and snacks and say hello to one another. This alone can be a great way to start the day and ease people into the agenda,” Michaela said. “A mid-morning break is another beneficial way to take time. Lunch is a built-in break for most of our clients – fuel is power to get through those meetings!”

The Forbes article suggests short, standing breaks.

Research suggests that standing up while working increases job performance. Encourage your colleagues to get up and move their bodies. Lead the room in some quick stretches or un-intimidating yoga poses before getting back to work.”

Are you ready to incorporate fun into your next corporate meeting? Contact our team today!