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The Thrive Program and the Core 4

The Thrive Program at Vue Columbus

The Thrive (at Vue) program is a unique approach to meetings, designed to stimulate and energize participants, leading to greater ideas and increased productivity. The goal is to share ideas that will not only achieve immediate results, but also translate into on-the-job habits. The Thrive program is based on four simple, core beliefs:

DESIGN: Our approach starts with space DESIGN focused on environmental productivity, the science of how your space supports, or hinders your work. Space DESIGN is a foundational component of two other principles, MOVE and ENJOY, enabling each. Our healthy DESIGN stems from our passionate for creating meetings that are better for you and better for the environment – the two tend to go hand and hand:

  • Cleaner air: we use all natural, non-synthetic products where possible; and running water features and lots plants both help to filter the air
  • Lots of natural sunlight: not only better for the planet, but for productivity and better on your eyes.
  • No plastic water bottles! We provide purified drinking water and use plant-based reusable cups. (just in case you are wandering why. Here are 7 reasons)
  • Paperless meetings: our huge projection screen allows for clear visibility of even the small details and we have a supplemental screen available to replace handouts
  • Conscious, sustainable design: hand dryers instead of paper towels; LEDs where possible; eco-friendly cleaning products; lots repurposed building materials and furniture; and of course we recycle and we are members of Greenspot .

MOVE: The second key principle: we encourage participants to MOVE more during meetings and as part of daily routines. Our conference and meeting space is designed to encouragement movement throughout the course of the meeting.

  • Lots of open space to encourage movement
  • Bikes and scooters to ride around the office
  • Stand up desks and active seating options
  • Active games to play (ping pong, cornhole, frisbee, etc.)
  • Tips and takeways to continue the energy felt at Vue

FUEL: We encourage participants to not only enjoy great tasting food, but to also look at food and snacks as a way to FUEL and energize their workday. At Vue we provide a wide variety of healthy snacks throughout the day and also have a healthy menu designed specifically for our Thrive program.

ENJOY: The fourth and final pillar of the Thrive program is to have fun, relax and ENJOY your time at Vue and each day at work. This final element hits on a variety of benefits: increased productivity, lowered stress levels, improved moral, increased retention, and improved ideation.

Using ENJOY as an example, there are several levels of participation with the Thrive program:

Scratching the surface: relaxation areas, desk yoga programs, painting classes, fun games during breaks like ping pong, cornhole, or basketball and many other ways for your team to ENJOY their day at Vue.

Taking it further: We will explain the science behind this core principle of our program and how it will benefit your company in the long term. We’ll show you how to incorporate these ideas and techniques into your employee’s daily routines. Connecting the benefits to direct outcomes, we’ll teach you how to create more productive meetings and projects with better results.