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The Power of An Offsite Retreat

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Taking your meetings offsite can have several benefits for your team (including improved collaboration, satisfaction, and health). Hosting an offsite retreat is like leveling up those benefits.

What’s the difference? An offsite retreat provides your attendees more of a “break” than an offsite meeting. While an offsite meeting might include a little fun, employees or board members attending a retreat are expecting some time to relax and connect.

It’s up to your company to determine the length of your retreat, with some ranging from a day to a week, and the goals of your retreat – whether it’s goal planning, new idea creation or just employee appreciation.

Taking the time and resources to invest in an offsite retreat for your team or company has the power to reinforce culture, nurture teamwork and boost morale.

Reinforce or Refresh Culture

In a recent survey of CEOs and CFOs, conducted by Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, 90 percent of respondents said culture was important to their firms, and 92 percent believe that improving their firm’s corporate culture would improve the value of the company.  

And the majority of those CEOs and CFOs polled agreed that corporate culture influences:

  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Profitability
  • Firm Value
  • and Growth Rates

When hosting a retreat, you have the opportunity to reinforce the values upon which you’ve built your company culture, and demonstrate to staff members how they are essential to the culture.  If you’re due for a refresh to corporate values or company culture, a retreat is a perfect time to address those items and seek candid input from your team.

Put your corporate values and culture into action by planning an offsite service project during your retreat! Working together on a volunteer project has great benefits for your staff, including reduced stress and improved feelings toward employers.

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Nurture Teamwork

We all want our teams to work well together for productivity and a cohesive work environment. Offsite retreats give your team members the time to build their relationships and foster teamwork that will last in the workplace.

Retreats can connect employees that seldom work together, strengthen bonds between departments and add value by bringing remote staffers face to face with the team.

Plus, encouraging your staff to socialize outside of the workplace can play a significant role in increasing overall efficiency, according to a study conducted by MIT.

Boost Morale

Prioritizing your team members’ happiness is serious business. Morale is about so much more than creating an enjoyable work environment.  

According to the a Gallup poll on wellbeing, disengaged and unhappy employees dread going to work, are more likely to be diagnosed with depression and are at a higher risk for heart disease and other diseases.

Employees who feel engaged and happier take fewer sick days and tend to be more productive at work.

Hosting an off-site retreat provides your team with some needed downtime. Planning opportunities for your team to collaborate in non-work-related activities – like a wine tasting, a nature hike, an escape room experience or just board games and hanging out – can go a long way to keep your team feeling good.

Recognizing team members for outstanding achievements at your offsite retreat is another way to boost morale, by taking time to give praise in front of peers.

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