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Steps to Make Your Next Corporate Retreat Epic

planning an epic business retreat

Does your team feel disconnected? Has everyone forgotten why you do what you do? One of the best ways to re-engage a team is through a corporate retreat. But to earn genuine buy-in from employees, it can’t be a soul-draining day filled with nothing but lectures. To get the spark back, employees need to see that you are willing to commit to hosting an epic business retreat.

Here are just a few ways to make your next corporate meeting stand out from the crowd of mundane team meetings. 

Choose the right space

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Vue’s Flip Side Meeting Room offers flexible seating and wide open spaces.

The meeting space significantly impacts productivity, creativity and innovation. 

“Choose an epic space! Look for spaces that allow for plenty of room to move around, have all your AV needs, and give a sense of inspiration when you walk in,” said Jenn Patterson, Vue Associate Director of Weddings and Events. 

Check out our blog for tips on selecting the best space for your next meeting,

Get everyone on board before the meeting

One of the most important things you can do when planning a memorable event is to devote plenty of time to planning the event. Brainstorm with team members about goals for the meeting and collaborate on an agenda that will help you reach your goals.

Before the meeting, share the meeting agenda with all who will attend and discuss roles and expectations. Spark some excitement for the meeting by mentioning the activities or exciting food choices that will be available!

We’ve shared some tips about preparing for your next offsite meeting about structuring your day. 

Create a theme

A recent trend in corporate meetings is incorporating a theme into the agenda. Themes help attendees connect with the event and add creativity and fun.

Check out this blog to see how big companies like Gatorade, Absolut and AT&T are incorporating themes into their corporate events. 

“We have seen some really cool themes lately. Back in February, one group created a whole theme around The Academy Awards complete with a red carpet upon entrance, photo area, and star centerpieces,” said Patterson. “They even gave out company awards that looked like the gold statue. Another group did a cool “Harmony” theme where everything was music related, but the whole goal of the meeting was to bring in heads of all departments to work in harmony with each other. Between lectures they played fun games like “name that tune” and brought in an outside vendor who taught them all how to play bongo drums together – there were over 150 people playing these drums together and it sounded amazing.” 

Big picture talk

Sometimes in the day-to-day tasks of work life, we forget why we do what we do. Before digging into the heavy topics of the agenda, get everyone back on the same page by giving a big picture talk. Remind employees what the overall goals of the company are, why you must work together to attain those goals and why each person matters. This talk will reconnect employees to each other and to the company and hopefully reignite the flame for loving what they do. 

ViveTeams says that one of the most influential components of any retreat is the facilitator. In a recent blog, ViveTeams discussed why hiring an external facilitator will help create the most successful, engaging team retreat.

Dive deep into a topic

After getting everyone on the same page, spend time talking about how to strengthen your organization. The agenda should include an ample amount of time to discuss goals, objectives and issues. Dig deep into problems and encourage employees to consider and discuss innovative solutions. Corporate events provide a unique opportunity for brainstorming and dedicated time to problem solving. 

eating together at work

The food you choose for your retreat can affect cognitive performance.

Eat together

Taking time to share a meal with co-workers allows for connections on a personal level. Meals provide a shared experience where everyone can relax, talk about their personal lives and enjoy delicious food. This casual time encourages employees to connect and learn what they have in common with each other. 

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Game time

Incorporating fun into meetings helps attendees feel more comfortable and willing to participate. Fun helps build camaraderie and encourages creativity and innovative thinking. 

“Mostly everyone enjoys trivia, so it’s nice to include this during break times or to lead into a break. Motivation through prizes works well,” said Quinn Charney, Vue Director of Events.

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Our partner organization, ViveTeams helps organizations create ridiculously engaged teams. In a recent blog, ViveTeams shares a few of their favorite activities to encourage team building with tips for incorporating them into your next event. 


After the event, be sure to follow up with employees to keep everyone engaged. One way to demonstrate that you value employee’s opinions is by sending out a follow up survey to ask what went well and what things did not work. Incorporate that feedback when planning your next retreat to create an even more productive event. 

When done right, corporate meetings can change the future of organizations. Employees will have a refreshed mindset and focus on solving problems and helping meet organizational goals. 

Ready to start planning your next epic corporate retreat? Contact our team today!