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So What is a Healthy Meeting?

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The Thrive (at Vue) program is an unique approach to meetings, designed to stimulate and energize participants, leading to greater ideas and increased productivity. The program is designed to be flexible and customized to your team’s interests…


For some corporate clients who host meetings at Vue, “healthy meetings” are never even brought up. For others, we’ll give a quick two-minute introduction, or deliver a program that takes a deep-dive and teaches the core principles designed to energize your meeting and workday. Whether health is addressed or not, all meeting participants at Vue will reap the benefits of a healthier environment. The goal of a healthy, energetic, creative meeting space is to keep meeting participants stimulated and provide a higher return on your meeting investment.

The Core Four Principles

Regardless of participation level, everyone will benefit from the first element, which is space DESIGN. The idea is known as environmental productivity, the science of how your space supports, or hinders your work. The 2nd principle inspires participants to MOVE and the 3rd to FUEL the day with energizing food. And finally we promote a meeting space, and approach to the workday that encourages participants to ENJOY their day! Read more about each of the core four.