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Say goodbye to the dull spaces of the past and hello to bright, creative spaces that will inspire your team

Creative Meeting Space Columbus Ohio

Offsite meetings are a great way to escape the day-to-day duties of office life and focus on team building and important projects. What some might not realize is that the meeting space itself is just as important as the team and agenda. The space we operate in makes a huge difference in how we feel when we are working. A great space fosters creativity, encourages collaboration and brings out the best in your team.

Here are a few tips for securing the best space for your next offsite business retreat or meeting  in Columbus.

Work with a professional vendor.

While it might seem simple, planning the perfect meeting involves numerous, intricate details. Working with a vendor who specializes in corporate meetings will ensure that every detail is considered.

At Vue, corporate meeting facilities provide professional environments for meetings that encourage maximum productivity. Rooms can be customized to meet your specific needs and the staff will be on hand to handle any questions or issues that might arise.

“Vue offers multiple meeting spaces that provide a creative and productive atmosphere – perfect for team building! Each of our meeting spaces can be arranged to accommodate the needs of our clients, including adding break out areas or soft seating nooks for teams to relax and put their minds together,” said Emily Haueter, VUE Wedding and Events Coordinator. “The natural light, greenery, and natural elements of the space give teams an escape from the normal office atmosphere, and helps to get the creativity flowing. So many new ideas are born at Vue!”

Inspiring setup.

Setting up the offsite meeting room environment can be just as important as selecting the keynote speakers.

According to an article about workplace creativity, “not only can a creative space lead to innovation, but it can make employees more productive.” The article said considering simple things like office furniture, wall art, lighting and incorporating nature and plants can greatly impact creativity and innovation.

A nice thing about working with a professional vendor like VUE is that all of those factors have already been considered and incorporated.

“Vue handles all of the set up for booked meeting clients, and every set up is different depending on our client’s needs! We really pride ourselves on giving a unique and tailored experience to each meeting group we host,” said Michaela Neu Barteldt, VUE, Wedding Sales and Marketing.

“We have proven, amazing room layouts to use as a basis for meeting layouts, and can adjust placement from there. If you’re incorporating a fun activity and need stations to break out – we can do it.

VUE also provides the following to assist with meeting room setup:

  • Comfortable and variable seating (a fun mix of structured chairs, plush seating, bean bag chairs, and stools)
  • Flip charts and/or erase boards to write on
  • Supply walls with all the essentials (tape, stapler, pens, markers, notepads, team building games and icebreakers, etc.).

Convenient location.

To ensure full participation by all employees, the offsite meeting location must also be conveniently located for all (or most) participants.

The VUE is easily accessible, located right in the heart of Columbus’ Brewery District.

“We are next to German Village, and on the edge of downtown so very central to a lot of corporate offices and right off of the highway if you’re coming from further out,” Michaela said. “That being said, there are so many options for post- or pre- meeting gatherings if your team is continuing activities in the area. The local restaurant and entertainment options are plentiful!”

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