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Reuse, Reduce, Reinvent

Eco Friendly Event Space Columbus Ohio

If you’ve been to Vue or seen any of our pictures online, you’ve probably noticed our use of reclaimed wood and other refurbished materials. Looks great, right? We hope you think so, but we had more than just aesthetics in mind for our design philosophy:


The Thompson’s, close friends and local farmers, so graciously donated one of their barns that was to be demolished. Oddly enough, the barn that we tore down was the same that I helped paint numerous times growing up. Not only did using the reclaimed wood help soften and warm our modern industrial design, it provided a cost effective, green alternative to new building materials. It also helped us achieve the healthier building design we had in mind by avoiding chemicals and fumes found in new building materials.

In that same vein, the beautiful benches my brother custom built for us are made 100% from wood we saved during our demo. (I’m not a hoarder, but we saved a TON of save wood).  These movable timber twins serve as a stylish and living divider for Thrive’s meeting space.


We followed a simple design plan: 1: Create a cool, modern environment. 2: Reuse as much as possible. 3: Reduce by avoiding new materials where possible. For example, keeping the floor concrete is a very practical green alternative – avoids new flooring material and lasts longer than other flooring options. Word of advice though – the process of making a concrete floor look nice is not for the faint of heart.


Part imagination, part strategy and part Pinterest (read: Liz) the process of reinventing the space, our materials, and our business has been energizing. We’ve collected lots of barn pieces, heaps of wood and other odds & ends that we are constantly trying to find a great use for.

Taking old materials and finding new uses is challenging and ultimately rewarding. Applying this practice to our personal and professional lives is the real challenge! Reinventing ourselves and our business strategies pushes us to be creative, practical and effective.  We are constantly pursuing these challenges: how can FLIP find new ways to make prevention fun; how can we transform a large event room into an intimate meeting environment; what the heck am we going to do with all of this wood?

What’s your next reinvention?