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New Year Planning Meetings Done Right

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A strategic planning meeting for your business is a great way to start the new year on the right foot. Taking the right steps to plan, execute and follow through will help you hit the ground running in 2019!  

Here are some factors we recommend for a successful planning meeting for 2019.

Plan Accordingly

Each year, more than $37 billion is spent on unproductive meetings; and executives consider 67% of meetings to be failures.  Yikes!! With the time and financial investment that goes into an annual planning meeting, proper planning is essential to success.

Putting some extra effort into planning your agenda will be time well spent. Assigning participant roles, defining meeting goals and establishing a timeline will get your participants on the same page.  Harvard Business Review has a helpful checklist to get you started with a meeting agenda.

92% of workers admit to multi-tasking during meetings, according to a survey by Fuze.

Booking a space that is right for your meeting is also an important step. An off-site meeting in a flexible space can boost your productivity, and simplify your planning process with an event team to support you!

Be Present

Once you begin an offsite strategic planning meeting, the risk of losing attendees’ attention to their smartphones or other work tasks is real.

In a recent survey by Fuze, 92% of respondents confessed to multitasking during meetings – 41% of whom do it “often” or “all the time.”

Since it seems that most of us are guilty of getting distracted during meetings, creating an area to check in smart devices can curb this behavior. Make sure to schedule time for breaks so your team can access smartphones or laptops, check in on work or just have some free time to unwind.

We also highly recommend including activities in your meeting to keep your team energized and present.  Whether you play games, plan a group experience or just get up and move – make sure to schedule time for fun!

Follow Up

Strategic planning meetings can leave your team feeling motivated and energized for the new year, but maintaining that momentum can be a challenge.  Remember that 67% of executives consider meetings a failure, and many meeting failures can be attributed to lack of follow up.

Assign a participant to take minutes from your meeting, and identify executable tasks when together.  Most importantly, assign tasks to Directly Responsible Individuals (DRIs – a concept Steve Jobs embraced) so your team is clear on who is executing each task or milestone.

While your team is still together, plan your next follow up meeting to discuss progress and address roadblocks.  With clearly assigned roles, established timelines and a “deadline” to report back, you will take your 2019 planning session from white board to real world.

Looking to plan your strategic meeting for the new year? Contact our corporate event team to get started!