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Making the Most of Your Corporate Meeting Space

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Hosting an offsite meeting should be more than your everyday meeting experience in a different room.  If you’re investing the time and money to take your team to meet offsite, you’ll want to use your new resources to their fullest.

Here are some ways to focus on making the most of your meeting space.

Feed the Senses

Two of the common accolades we receive at Vue Columbus are the audio/visual amenities and, of course, the delicious food offered!

Having the right resources to add punch to your presentations and provide connectivity for your team can help you host a successful meeting. But, audio visual expenses might take you by surprise when planning an offsite event. Renting projectors and equipment for your meeting can cost hundreds of dollars per day at a traditional event facility, not to mention support staff.  

That’s why Vue Columbus’ meeting pricing is all inclusive to cover all of your tech needs and the support you might need for any hiccups.

Make sure to review your a/v needs before the meeting so you have all of the resources you need to make your meeting memorable.

And don’t forget food! Providing a variety of options will keep your team happy and provide needed breaks throughout your meeting to maintain your team’s focus.

Team breaks for game time at Vue Columbus.

Make a Move

Do your best ideas come to you when you’re in the shower, or when you’re out for a run?  That’s because you’re relaxed, and engaged in an activity that lets your mind wander and get creative juices flowing.

Vue’s meeting spaces are designed to encourage movement, which can improve cognitive focus and spark creativity! Break out in to groups, move lunch to a different part of the space and use all of the seating and space provided and see how it inspires creativity.

Ideas to Get Moving at Your Meeting:

  • Active seating options (exercise ball chairs and flexible stools )
  • Exciting games such as cornhole or ping pong
  • Scheduled breaks to encourage movement

Regardless of where you decide to meet, ensure your space has flexibility.  If you’re heading offsite, you’ll want to find a space that inspires and can be adapted to fit your needs. Once you’ve found a space, plan your agenda to make the most of its amenities.

Ready for an offsite meeting that inspires?  Contact us today to discuss your event!