Vue Columbus boasts more than 7,000 square feet of event space, composed of three distinct rooms. Take a closer look inside the Green Room, and how it can brighten up your next event! 

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Vue’s Green Room is filled with tons of live greenery, natural wood elements and is flooded with natural light.

How did the Green Room get its name?

“We call it the Green Room because it is filled with tons of live greenery, natural wood elements and is flooded with natural light,” said Michaela Neu Barteldt, Vue Columbus Wedding Sales and Marketing. 

The Green Room’s plants liven up the space and help with air purification. Pothos plants, snake plants & ZZ Plants are among the varieties found in living walls and hanging from the ceiling. 

What makes the Green Room special?

The first thing you’ll notice in the Green Room is the big overhead glass door! This feature brings the outdoors inside, by filling the space with light and providing indoor/outdoor event flexibility.

“We incorporated plenty of natural light with skylights and an overhead glass door, which helps keep meetings energized and creates amazing light for wedding photos,” said Michaela. 

The overhead glass door even makes it possible for vehicles to drive into the venue, with ample room to display six cars indoors for an event!

“We used as many natural elements as we could in this space. You’ll see reclaimed wood for a shiplap-style feature wall and beautiful greenery built into the walls and hanging overhead. These materials helped to create an organic, calming, grounding vibe in the space,” added Michaela. 

How can The Green Room be used?

Natural light, wood-adorned walls and ample greenery in the Green Room create an incredible setting for wedding photos.

The Green Room is often used for small-to-medium sized meetings and intimate weddings, and is flexible enough to fit any type of event! 

Green Room uses include: 

  • Business Meetings
  • Intimate Wedding Ceremonies
    • Weddings with 80 or fewer guests can say “I do”  in the Green Room, taking advantage of the gorgeous natural light.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Events
    • The garage door that connects to Vue’s lush patio creates a fun environment to enliven a meeting or give guests a place to mingle!
  • Cocktail Hours
    • Weddings booked at Vue get full use of the venue, so The Green Room can be the perfect location for cocktail hour as the finishing touches are put on the reception area.
  • A Green Room
    • Vue’s Green Room can be used as an actual “green room” for your event. If you’re hosting speakers for a conference or welcoming talent for your party, the Green Room is a relaxing space for them to prepare for their time on stage. 
  • Wedding Photos
  • Check-In/Registration
    • Guests will get an outstanding first impression when they register for your event in Vue’s inviting Green Room. Plus, the overhead door makes it easy for people to make their way in and out. 
  • Lounge
    • Whether for a wedding, party or meeting, the Green Room can make an ideal lounge space. It provides easy outdoor access and a variety of seating options so guests can recharge before rejoining the activities. 
    • We have also seen clients use the Green Room for breakout sessions during a meeting or for fun wedding or social event games like ping pong, or cornhole (both of which you Vue can supply onsite!)

Want to see the Green Room for your next event? Contact our team today to schedule a tour

Published On: December 11, 2020Categories: Group & Business Meetings, Vue, Weddings & Receptions