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Corporate Meetings at Vue – Expectations Vs. Reality

Corporate Meeting Room Columbus, Ohio

The Green Room at Vue Columbus features greenery and a glass garage door.

If the thought of a corporate meeting doesn’t get your engine revving, then you haven’t been to one at Vue Columbus. 

We know meetings can get a bad rap. In fact, 46 percent of Americans would rather do anything unpleasant than sit in a status meeting — with 18 percent preferring a trip to the DMV, 17 percent choosing to watch paint dry and even 8 percent opting for a root canal.

Woof. So we get it, most professionals don’t get excited about business meetings. But there’s a better way at Vue! Take a look at how we bust through boring meeting expectations!

Expectation: Boring / Reality: Engaging

So there’s a good chance you expect to be bored at a corporate meeting. Even if it’s offsite in a cool location; it’s still a meeting, right?

At Vue, we’ve designed the meeting experience to break away from boring and get everyone engaged!

Our guests enjoy active seating options like exercise balls, standing desks and a variety of chairs, stools, benches and couches to mix it up. Plus, there is plenty of space to stretch and move to keep your team fresh. No two meetings are set up the same – we customize a layout exactly for your group’s needs! 

Team breaks for game time at Vue Columbus.

Meetings should also be fun, which is why we offer games like cornhole, giant jenga, and ping pong to refresh your team and get them working together. Having fun with your coworkers can boost performance, improve happiness and reduce tension!

We can also build in experiences like Desk Yoga, painting classes and more to make your meeting memorable.

Plus, we offer state-of-the-art multimedia resources to spice up your presentations. Slide decks are enhanced with our huge screens and high definition laser projectors. Your presentation options continue with surround-sound Bose speakers, wireless mics, wifi and web conference capabilities.

Expectation: Exhausting / Reality: Energizing

If your team feels drained after a long business meeting, then Vue’s approach to healthy meetings will help keep your team focused and energized!

Exposure to natural light can improve work performance and overall health, and our rooms feature sunlight in spades! Plus, we’ve added greenery to all of our spaces along with advanced air filters to improve air quality.

In addition to our open space, alternative seating options and activities to get your team moving and keep them feeling great, we offer healthy snack options and healthy catering choices to keep your team fueled.

Make sure to coordinate with Vue’s meeting host to provide a playlist to break up your bathroom/snack/lunch breaks with some fun tunes!

Expectation: Tedious Planning / Reality: Stress-Free Planning

Taking a corporate meeting offsite might sound like a lot of extra work than hosting at your office. But Vue’s approach to meetings is all-inclusive, which means stress-free planning! 

All of our meeting packages include:

  • State-of-the-art AV access 
  • A meeting host and concierge
  • Supplies such as white boards, flip charts, post its, notepads, pens, small team building games, etc.
  • Ergonomic furniture options 

There aren’t any add-on charges for A/V equipment, or surprise costs for wi-fi access.  Everything you need is included in one price, along with a dedicated staff to help you execute the perfect offsite experience. 

We also partner with Metro Cuisine and Catering by Milo’s to offer exceptional food options for breakfast, brunch, lunch and hearty snacks – making catering seamless.

Host your next meeting at Vue and let us exceed your expectations! Contact us to learn more.