A Healthy Meeting is an Efficient Meeting

The final topic of Effective Meetings is the one we feel the most passionate about: to achieve peak performance, host a healthy meeting! Vue’s unique approach to meetings starts by providing a healthy environment; from there, we help you add as many or as little healthy options as you’d like.

We want your meeting participants to keep their minds and bodies firing on all cylinders. Here are a few ideas we suggest to help achieve a healthy, productive meeting:

Keep Moving!


Whether you are at your home office or an offsite meeting – there is nothing better you can do for yourself that get up and move!

Movement is great for our brain, mood and body!

Tip: check out ways to keep moving at Vue meetings

Stay hydrated – drink H20!


Sure, drink coffee – because its delicious, wakes you up and has health benefits (if you skip the sugar). BUT – follow it with lots and lots of water! You guessed it…  staying well hydrated is good for your brain, mood and body. 

Tip: having trouble kicking soda? make the switch to sparkling water. We go through heaps of Lacroix at Vue. (Jimmy Fallon can help you pronounce it)

Breathe Clean Air! 

Green Room Meeting Space at Vue Columbus

Indoor air quality is a growing concern for workers who spend most of their day inside an office. Providing fresh, clean air has always been a guiding design principle at Vue. Even if you don’t take advantage of any of our healthy offerings, at least you will get to enjoy some fresh air during your meeting. Here are a few ways we improve our air:

  • Lots of plants and running water, both help filter the air
  • Higher end air filters (replaced frequently)
  • We use environmentally cleaning products
  • We have used more natural materials throughout the space – and less synthetic products
  • Renovation projects used as many re-used or green materials as possible (and zero VOC paint)
  • Japanese Plaster – coming soon! (organic plaster material that actually filters out toxins)

Fuel Well, Feel Well!

A great meal is an important part of any meeting! Sometimes, it’s the thing you look forward to the most. The food definitely has to be tasty! But, try to also select meal and snack options that will fuel your energy and brain power. Vue provides a healthy assortment of snacks to fuel your day and we’ve partnered with Metro Cuisine to provide high quality, delicious and nutritious menu options (check our their Wellness Menu).

Tip: Ward off the afternoon lull, swap the carbs for protein packed snacks. For other tips, recipes and ‘try this, not that’ – check out this great resource from the American Cancer Society.

We have many more ideas on how to host a healthy meeting (and create a healthy office environment) … to learn more, drop by for a tour! And for more information on how to have an efficient meeting, check out parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of our mini-series.

Published On: November 16, 2016Categories: Group & Business Meetings