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Vue Columbus is designed around community and wellness, inspired by the nonprofit FLIP Cancer Now. Learn more about FLIP, and how you support its mission to prevent cancer every time you book with Vue!

How FLIP Was Formed

When Philip Seiley learned he had esophageal cancer in 2008, his family fought alongside him. In February 2010, Philip lost his courageous and spirited battle with cancer.

During the Seileys’ two-year journey to fight cancer, the family saw a great need for a proactive approach to cancer prevention. 

“Throughout his fight we were involved in several cancer fighting events, predominantly aimed at funding research for a cure,” said Carl Seiley, Philip’s son.

“It was during those events that we realized a greater opportunity: as we looked around and thought of how many of our friends and family were impacted by cancer, we began to ask the question ‘What can we ourselves be doing today to prevent cancer?’”

That was the spark that inspired Carl to quit his job in 2010 to focus on cancer prevention. He created the 501c3 nonprofit FLIP Cancer Now that same year and has continued the fight over the last decade. 

FLIP is not only a tribute to Carl’s father Philip (who was nicknamed “Flip”) it’s also an acronym that represents the nonprofit’s cancer-fighting mission: Fight. Live. Inspire. Prevent.

Flipping Lifestyles to Prevent Cancer

FLIP’s mission is simple: prevent cancer. 

“We started our mission because we are passionate about helping people realize the opportunity to flip their lifestyles and take proactive measures against cancer,” said Carl, FLIP founder and Vue Columbus co-founder.

The nonprofit encourages healthy living with resources and support to proactively fight cancer. 

At the center of that fight is the nonprofit’s signature trail run that encompasses all parts of its mission. The Darby Creek Trail Run is an annual 5K and 10K run to support FLIP’s cancer prevention mission, and draws hundreds of participants every year. The event itself encourages participants to adopt healthy lifestyles and work toward wellness while training for the race, and inspire others along the way. The goal is to develop mindful lifelong practices that last beyond the race, permeating a greater sense of healthfulness. 

In its ninth year, The Darby Creek Trail Run will be held virtually July 11-19, 2020 due to COVID-19. Participants can sign up to run a 5K or 10K whenever it suits them during this time period! 

The Vue crew wearing blue for colorectal cancer awareness.

FLIP at Vue Columbus

In 2013, Carl and Liz Seiley established our downtown event venue Vue Columbus, which became a social enterprise to support the cancer prevention nonprofit FLIP. Vue Columbus provides a home to FLIP and resources to further its mission.

With wellness and cancer prevention at the heart of our business, Vue incorporated healthy choices into building design and event offerings. Our space was designed for environmental productivity with green plants, lots of sunlight and conscious sustainable design. The open concept of Vue encourages movement during meetings and healthy refreshment choices foster energy, helping guests “flip” their idea of what an offsite meeting looks like!

You can even book your event in the “Flip Side” room, a creative, flexible space that is an homage to Philip and the FLIP nonprofit! 

Vue Columbus’ innovative industrial space, prime Brewery District location and outstanding customer service have made us a sought-after event location in Central Ohio. Hundreds of events – including weddings, meetings, conferences and parties – are hosted at Vue each year, and our sister nonprofit FLIP Cancer Now continues to thrive thanks to the support of our clients.

How You Can Support FLIP

Any event you host at Vue Columbus supports FLIP’s mission! Here are some other ways you can get involved:

  • DONATE: to further FLIP’s mission.
  • RUN: in the annual Darby Creek Trail Run.
  • FLIP: your lifestyle to incorporate healthy choices. 

Want to learn more about FLIP and Vue? Contact us today