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Healthy Twist on Your Workday

When it comes to our health, there is one critical area of our lives we tend to overlook, the office. The office is where we spend the majority of our waking hours and is one of the primary sources of our declining health.

There are numerous bad habits that we get into in an office setting – but the one that employees and employers should be most concerned with is our lack of movement. Computers revolutionized the way we work, but also introduced the era of the 10 hour work sit day. Our waistlines have increased; our energy and innovation have been zapped. We have less productive employees with more health problems – a double whammy on the bottom line.

Inspired by our work with FLIP (, we’ve launched a new venture to help businesses tackle unhealthy office habits. Thrive (at Vue) will be the first corporate meeting destination that combines a stimulating environment with practical health concepts to create an inspiring offsite meeting atmosphere.

Thrive has three primary goals:

  1. Provide organizations with an inspiring place to host meetings
  2. Create a more productive meeting environment through a wellness-centric design
  3. Show employees how simple wellness concepts can be integrated into their own environment

Coming from a corporate consulting background, I understand how important the time and money invested in a meeting is. We don’t take away from your meeting time with our mission. Instead we integrate our wellness concepts into the structure of your existing meeting. Without shoving health and wellness down your throat, our hope is that you will have a more energetic, productive meeting. Like FLIP, our aim is to make prevention and wellness fun, social and simple. Thrive provides creative meeting space matched with an innovative concept.

Can’t make it into our space? No problem! We will be sharing our new venture with tips, new ideas and articles online with FLIP and Thrive’s blog. Stay tuned!