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Vue Weddings FAQ

How do I book?
To reserve your date the client must sign Vue’s contract and pay the full room rental fee. Check is the only accepted form of payment. Please make checks payable to “Vue.”

What is your catering policy?
You are only permitted to choose from our 4 approved caterers from the Approved Caterers List. Please reach out to the caterers separately for an estimated quote for your day.

How early can my vendors and I have access onsite to setup?
You and your vendors have access to the facility 2 hours prior to your guest arrival for set up. The tables and chairs for your event will be set up at that time. Earlier access may be requested but is not guaranteed, and is also subject to additional fees and policies. Earlier access must be approved through Vue in writing. Approved Caterer may not approve earlier arrival times.

What is your parking policy?
6 months before your event, if the lot is available on your date, you can opt to reserve the nearest lot from Vue for a $150 flat rate. Vue provides signage and directions for parking day-of.

Can guests park overnight?
Yes, guests must remove cars by 9:00am the next morning.

Is the venue handicapped accessible?
Yes. Parking for handicap persons or others that need onsite parking is available in the front driveway at Vue (next to the handicap ramp to front entrance).

Is there a noise ordinance we should be aware of?

Is there a sufficient heating and cooling system?

What is your alcohol policy?
Client delivers all alcohol prior to your event during the designated drop-off time provided by Vue. On the day of the event, you, your Wedding Party, and Guests are NOT permitted to bring alcohol. All alcohol must be served by the Caterer bartenders.

What is your cancellation policy?
If the client cancels the scheduled event, the liquidated damages due to Vue are 100% of the room rental fee. However, if the Client cancels the date and Vue is able to resell that date at full retail value, the Client will be refunded 90% of the room rental fee. If a cancellation occurs and Vue is at fault, 100% of the rental fee will be refunded to the client. There are no exceptions to this policy.

What are your decoration restrictions?
No confetti, smoke or fog machines, bubbles/bubble machines inside, loose glitter or glitter added to any decor, real flower petals on floor, artificial rice, faux snow, tape on walls or floor. All candles must be enclosed in glass containers (ex. votive holders, hurricanes). Candles are not permitted on the floor except during ceremonies. Taper candles are only permitted for unity candles during ceremony. Lanterns must have LED candles or candles enclosed in glass containers. For sparkler send-offs, Client must supply several extinguishing buckets and one designated person to clean up and monitor use. Children under 12 must not use sparklers. Hanging items from walls and ceiling must be approved prior by Vue.

Can we use your Loft as a place for kids to play?
No children are permitted in the loft at any time, whether supervised or not. The loft is only for use by the Client and their Wedding Party, with access to Vendors if the Client permits.

Is event insurance required to have my event at Vue?

Clients are welcome to secure event insurance if they so choose, but are not required to do so.