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Vue Meetings FAQ

What makes Vue Meetings the most productive, energizing, comfortable, creative space to host your team’s offsite meeting?

Vue is not your typical meeting space. We provide an environment that is energizing and comfortable with large–open space… yet intimate meeting settings. We’ve created a space that allows your team to thrive in a healthy, inspiring setting. Your team has access to a number of breakout areas and unique spaces – coffee and snack area, a cozy loft, outside patio… and the option to add an entire additional meeting space, perfect for large groups.

Comfy and Unique Seating. Traditional, comfortable padded chairs are available for all. However, we also offer additional options to try: active seating stools, ergonomic ball chairs and lots of soft seating lounge options.

Cool Tech features. You’ll receive onsite tech support throughout your meeting – although you won’t need it because we’ve made it super easy to plug and play. Huge presentation screen, super speedy WIFI, surround sound speakers, digital smartboard for sketching, the latest in web conferencing technology… and of course all the non-tech traditional equipment, white boards, flip charts, walls to pin, post, and draw on, plus way more!

Games, Fun and Extras. We won’t force you to get out of your seat, but we make it very tempting with active seating options, stand up desks, Einstein’s Idea Bike, Ping-Pong, cornhole, giant jenga and more – all included! Looking to shake things up with a team building activity, we have lots to select from onsite: desk yoga, relaxation lessons, painting classes for fun or corporate development, wine tastings, or just a fun happy hour with our games.

Great Location and Convenient Parking. Located on the edge of downtown, in the heart of The Brewery District, Vue is right off the highway and within walking distance to making great downtown amenities. Parking spaces are provided onsite at no additional charge (check with you planner for availability). Guest parking is available in the Grange parking garage ($3-$5) or adjacent surface lot billed as one price to the client or paid by individual guests.

Exceptional Food. We’ve partnered with Metro Cuisine as our exclusive catering provider. Simply put, their food rocks! From amazing sandwiches and salads to incredibly savory buffets and upscale plated options, they do it all. Click here for our current menus.


Pricing and What’s Included

Please contact us for a customized proposal, as no two meetings are the same! But, to give you a general idea: $70 per person capped at 30 people. Groups 30+: starting at $1,800 + $6 per person for snacks and beverages. Room Minimum: $500. Discounts available for multi-day meetings. 

So, What is a Healthy Meeting?

Our meeting spaces start with a healthier building design (more natural light; less synthetic building material; lots of plants; running water and more). Vue promotes more activity and encourages participants to MOVE, to FUEL their day with healthy food and to ENJOY the workday. Read more!

Are all meetings health focused?

It’s your meeting, your agenda! Not every meeting has to have a healthy focus. However, whether health is addressed or not, all meetings get to reap the benefits of a healthier environment through our unique space design.

What sizes, and types of meetings do you host?

Vue has three unique meeting space options and can accommodate groups as small as 5 and as large as 250. Most of our creative meeting teams range between 15 to 30 participants. And for large groups, looking for an unique conference setting, Vue is ideal for groups of 50 to 200.  Vue provides inspiring meeting and conference rooms for brainstorming sessions, creative meetings, training programs, seminars, focus groups, user groups and more. Check out a few of our most Meeting Styles

Are there Hotels and Restaurants Close by?

There are lots of great restaurants and entertainment within super close walking distance! Read more!

Can we bring a car into the facility?

You betcha! Vue is one of the only unique event spaces in downtown Columbus with easy access to bring vehicles inside for your event!