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Prepping for Your Offsite Meeting

Hosting a meeting outside of your office requires some forethought to ensure everything goes smoothly. Take a look at our tips for proper prep for offsite meetings!

Structure Your Day(s)

While this might seem pretty obvious, taking the time to put together a schedule for your meeting is the best way to start preparations.

An agenda will help you focus on productivity and enable you to make the most of the financial investment that goes into hosting a meeting in a new space. Ask for input from leaders and attendees to make sure pertinent topics are covered.

Plan downtime to give your guests a chance to recharge. Whether you’re making room for everyone to check in on messages at the office, stand up and stretch or play a game of ping-pong — making time for breaks (and knowing they’re coming in the schedule) can help your guests focus during meeting sessions.

Communicate with Attendees

Before the meeting, share the meeting agenda with all who will attend and discuss roles and expectations. And, spark some excitement for the office offsite by mentioning the activities or exciting food choices that will be available!

Make sure all attendees have clear directions to your meeting location and parking. Vue’s Director of Event and Operations, Quinn Charney, recommends sending out parking and logistic details well before your event, with a second reminder closer to the meeting.

“Guests starting their day off on the right foot with an easy arrival and parking experience can go a long way,” says Charney.


Meeting snacks matter! At Vue Columbus, we keep your team fueled with snacks and beverages all day long.

Plan for Supplies

When you take your meeting offsite, you don’t have the luxury of popping into the supply closet if you need something. Make notes of everything you regularly use at meetings (e.g. flip charts, markers, post-its, etc.) so you can ensure your team has the same resources once offsite. 

Check with your venue contact to see what they bring to the table. At Vue, all meetings include office essentials to save you the hassle of bringing your own!

Focus on Food

Don’t make food an afterthought! Your employees love complimentary food, so including delicious snack options and thoughtful lunch and/or dinner choices will go a long way in fueling their attention and participation in your meeting.

If you want to bring something special, like your favorite donuts or bagels for registration, discuss with your venue ahead of time to ensure they don’t have any restrictions. 

Prep Your A/V

You want your slide deck presentations, conference calls or video chats to go off without a hitch. But when you are offsite, getting audio visual services up and running can be a headache. 

At Vue, A/V support is included with all meetings! Discuss what audio visual amenities are included with your meeting package. We recommend placing all of your presentations on one laptop (and making sure they all work before arrival) to ensure a smooth A/V experience. 

We also suggest you schedule time to test your audio and presentations before the meeting begins to work out any kinks. Ask ahead of time who your A/V point person will be onsite so you know you have backup!

By thinking through your schedule, communicating with attendees, and planning properly for supplies, food and A/V your next offsite meeting will be a breeze!

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